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Through my critical study I have recognised that Yeats’ poems Easter 1916 and The Second Coming are no exception.Yeats’ poetic form, language and use of poetic techniques; such as juxtaposition, allusion, and extended metaphors, alert audiences to both the inner and physical conflict that are the foundations of both poems.

The carefree swans as they “drift on still water” gives an artistic quality to Yeats’ portrayal of nature.

This is immediately juxtaposed against the “sore” persona who has been affected by the pain of age whilst nature has remained unchanged.

Conflict is the basis of all human interaction and hence is an integral part of human life.

Through ambiguous yet comprehensive treatment of conflict W. Yeats has ensured that his works stand the test of time and hence have remained ‘classics’ today.

Similarly, the swans that “paddle in the cold, companionable streams” presents an alliterated oxymoron that deals with the universal fear of loneliness.

This is further emphasised by the ‘bell-beat of their wings above my head,’ incorporating religious connotations that allude to a funeral setting, where the following line of “lighter tread” indicates an absence of guests upon the occasion and thus showcases Yeats’ longing for human connection to end his inner turmoil.The first stanza reveals Yeats’ disdain with current...2010 HSC “Yeats's poetry continues to engage readers through its poetic treatment of conflict and beauty.' In the light of your critical study, does this statement resonate with your own interpretation of Yeats's poetry?Yeats’ poetry creates a variant diversity of interpretations and meaning to allow the responders to gain a sense of their personal meaning towards his texts.His poems reflect the themes of regret, the transience of life, identity and morality throughout his poems which create a piece of work that allow a high capacity of textual integrity.One of the main representations of inner conflict throughout the poem is Yeats’ inner conflict concerning the rebels, particularly Mac Bride, and the worth of the rebellion in itself.In the second stanza Yeats talks of Mac Bride as a “drunken, vainglorious lout” however soon after comments “Yet I number him in song”.In addition, The Wild Swans at Coole engages the readers with the contrast of human conflicting turmoil, part of the universal human experience, against the beauty of nature.The pure, untainted nature of the natural world is represented through the tranquil imagery of the “water mirrors a still sky”, evoking a sense of calmness through the soothing “s” sound.Despite beauty of the “brilliant creatures”, age and sorrow no longer allows him to be delighted, shown through “all’s changed since…”, evoking a sense of disappointment.The transition symbol of the setting of the “Autumn beauty” connotes not only a time of seasonal change but also the decline of life, qualified further through ‘dry,’ enforcing the notion of barren sexuality, thus resonating with the universal human obsession with age and youth.


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