Writing Braided Essays

So far I spent my first College Comp block just reading their drafts and offering them ideas and suggestions.

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The warrior tossed his blade from one mighty fist to the other, testing the enemy's gaze and searching for weak points. The serpent had thick skin and easily rebuffed his lashes.

Then he noted a chink in the snake's scales and plunged his blade into the beast's swiveling head.

I hope to get some examples that I can share on here.

Here is a braided essay I wrote in college - and loved every minute of it.

It was a serendipitous event when I found the first book, The Book of Three, tucked away in the library.

The cover instantly captivated me: a shaggy haired youth, who I would later find to be Taran, was in some darkened wood facing down the most evil looking villain I had ever seen this side of Darth Vadar.The villain was riding atop a snarling white steed reared up on its hind legs.A crimson cloak flowed from his rippled torso, and he brandished a long sword high above his head.Before the boy's very eyes, his enemy suddenly transformed - as if a sorcerer’s spell had been shattered - from a snake to a teetering fan, whose large blue plastic blades had suddenly been shattered.Then thunderous footsteps stormed toward him, shaking the very floor. Suddenly the boy changed from the mighty warrior Taran into a frightened nine-year-old who had just mortally wounded his mother's new rotating fan.But what stood out most, however, was the villain's head.He wore a pale white skull that seemed to snicker and smirk.His arms still rested on his chest folded across Dyrnwyn. The enemy, startled by the warrior's super human speed, backed away but continued to sway its head.Finally it coiled itself in the middle of the room for a final stand.The first one just called for students to write about or explore what they consider to be their passions or expertise.The second one was a narrative examining their best moment related to their passion or expertise.


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