World Wide Web Research Paper

I was 7 years old and I remember being excited and curious about this mystery known as the World Wide Web.Now I’m 21 years old and have had my fair share of internet access that has been both positive and negative in my life, as research shows is the case for the majority of Americans.[tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Computer, Website] - The World Wide Web is censored in order to control the availability to illegal or deceitful information citizens have.

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Beginning with the founder Tim Berner-Lee and his call for raw data input to restructure the internet.

The input of raw data restructured the internet leading to Web 2.0.

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Some communities prefer the simple information based web services inputted by humans, while some are for the advancement to the point that computers can generate new information on the web.

This change from the concept of Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 can affect the way different parts society function through daily activities.

[tags: Internet, World Wide Web, History of the Internet] - Communication as today hasn’t been the same since last 30 years.

If you wanted to communicate with others, before, your only options were to send a letter, a telegram, give a call or go in person. The World Wide Web, or best known as the Internet has brought the revolution of technology it had impact how we communicate with others as today.

Has the capability to solve conflict easy and quick.

By using the internet, individuals may obtain the news, research, inventions, and innovations from almost any electrical device....


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