World Problems That Need To Be Solved

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A Shanghai bakery called Incake says it has responded to the wishes of its clientele who needed finely made cakes baked and delivered yesterday. The drones were equipped with six rotors, which allowed them to retain enough lift to carry a small cake-sized parcel through the city to the client.Incake management had two goals: Deliver the cakes quickly and still be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the drones only delivered five cakes before the program was suspended by the company because of complaints made by the police.

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Women are typically not as strong as men, so they should not be raised up to that standard.

Women are anatomically different from men, so we should not expect to be treated equally there.

The researchers assure us that it’s completely safe, as they take precautions and are under oversight.

Forget assassinating rogue mosquitoes in Florida—who cares about that when you need your sister’s wedding cake delivered to you ASAP?

While I agree that no one should feel unsafe in a public bathroom, I think that the root of the problem is not whether a man walks into the bathroom or not.

The problem stems from how we have taught men to behave.

As a student at a Liberal Arts College, I have come across many different types of people with many different opinions, backgrounds, and experiences.

Among these people, I have begun to notice and learn more about the social problems in our society that we just can't seem to shake.

I do not think that men are vicious creatures out to get every female who they come across and I would feel perfectly safe in a restroom with another guy there.

As a society, we have created these problems for ourselves.


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