White Symbolism In The Great Gatsby Essay

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Gatsby's car is bright yellow, a flashy choice which both betrays him as being a member of the "new money" crowd, and simultaneously symbolizes his optimistic hope and his corruption (having made his money through bootlegging).In addition to his yellow car, Gatsby's pink suit also reveals him to be a poseur.They can convey messages, expressing that which words do not.

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In the film—as in the novel—there is a green electric light that is always shining at the end of the Buchanan's dock.

We see it shining through the mist of the harbor; even when there is a great deal of fog, the green light shines on.

Throughout the book characters, places, and objects F.

Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in the 1920s.

Gatsby's mansion is directly across the harbor from Daisy's home and he can always see the light.

The green light becomes a symbol of Gatsby's longing for Daisy, and we see its pulsing light throughout.

The film is about the decadence and excess of wealth in 1920s America, so it seems fitting that a central image of the film would be Gatsby's gargantuan mansion.

The house is huge and filled with expensive objects, furniture and art deco designs, and its exterior looks more like a Disney fairy tale castle than a private residence.

When making a case for the fact that Gatsby cannot possibly have attended Oxford, Tom points out his pink suit, which symbolizes a tackier kind of wealth.

An Oxford man, or someone who comes from respectable wealth, would never wear something as flamboyant and flashy as a pink suit.


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