Waste Not Want Not Essay

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” But actually at some later point in our collaboration, she said to me “Melissa, do you think you could keep quiet for a minute so I could get a word in?

” During one of our meetings, Mimi had a phone call with Grace Glueck and they came up with the name, “Femmage.” I feel lucky to have met Mimi.

No matter how bad your circumstances are financially, you will feel better if you do the best with what you have. I am learning that being thrifty is something I can't take for granted that I am.

I must continually keep it in mind and look seriously at the things that I do every day without thinking.

Its co-author, Melissa Meyer, recalls their collaboration.

In 1977 Nina Yankowitz suggested I attend a meeting at Joyce Kozloff’s loft for a preliminary discussion about the fourth issue of the Heresies Collective entitled Heresies: Women’s Traditional Arts: The Politics of Aesthetics.For a non-food related example, my husband built a greenhouse out of an old trampoline frame and some steel T-posts.He covered the thing with chicken wire and then clear plastic.I cook it in water, with some wilty celery, carrots, onions and a clove or two of garlic. You could compost it if you have no critters to eat it up. To make it healthier, add two tablespoons cider vinegar to the cooking water.I usually do this in the crock pot to save on energy. It's supposed to pull some of the calcium out of the bones. From meatloaf, I'll make chili, soup, or stir-fry (just chunk it up).It is important to me to be thrifty for my finances and the earth.I do not wanted to be labeled merely a consumer, which in one book I read considers consuming to be something we burn up or waste.At the time, collaborating with an older artist was important for me, while she also appreciated and benefitted from my perspective.We had a lot of fun as we worked on our research and writing, and her energy and committed work ethic was contagious.With soup, I sometimes drain the liquid, add cubed potatoes and some cheese and make a casserole.I have several pressure canners and now I have a pressure cooker, a very good investment for the frugally minded.


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