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And this is also why the trip with friends can be so interesting and fascinating to me.Students who travel frequently face the same problems with writing as the students who don't travel at all – but they have a much broader range of experiences from which to draw from!This will enrich your writing in more ways you thought possible – from cultural differences to being able to globally write with all 5 senses.

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But what’s different is that I can share these feelings with my friends, so do they.

With different people, you have different feelings.

The clerks there also wore deliberately in black like nuns.

They said they were the nuns who studied dairy cakes in a convent and they sold dairy cakes only.

But, if I went to those places with my friends, not my family, maybe it would be more interesting.

So I decided that one day in the future I would went on a trip with my friends. My friends and I had been looking forward to the trip so we didn’t want to waste any time at all.

We went to a famous street, Ching Ming 1st Street, where many young people in Taichung like to go windows shopping such as Si Men Ting in Taipei.

But the tables and chairs beside the street made a difference from other streets.

We walked out of the station and stopped at a map of Taichung city hanged on a pillar to point out the spots we would go to on these two days.

Later on, we decided to go to Tunghai University first.


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