Thesis On Public Debt Management

Thesis On Public Debt Management-84
Foreign indebtedness in low and middle income developing countries.

Foreign indebtedness in low and middle income developing countries.

Helping the Poor to Help Themselves: Debt Relief or Aid?

Debt overhang, debt reduction and investment: The case of Philippine.

The impact of external debt on economic growth in sub saharan African.

The external debt burden and economic growth in the 1980s: Evidence from sub Saharan Africa.

Another policy implication of the study is that most developing countries contract debt for selfish reasons rather than for the promotion of economic growth through investment in capital formation and other social overhead capital.

Thus, the paper also recommends that government should rely more on domestic debt in stimulating growth rather than external debt. The Macroeconomics of Fiscal Deficits in Nigeria, Nigerian J. Budget Deficits in Nigeria, 1974-1993: A Behavioural Perspectives. Ariyo (Ed.), Economic Reform and Macroeconomics Management in Nigeria. , Working Paper 10234, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA. External debt and economic growth: A computable general equilibrium case study of Turkey 1985-1986. The results of OLS also revealed that external debt possessed a negative impact on economic growth while domestic debt has impacted positively on economic growth (GDP). GNP growth and foreign indebtedness in middle-income developing countries, Int. A good performance of an economy in terms of per capita growth may therefore be attributed to the level of domestic debt and not on the level of external debt in the country; therefore external debt is seen as inimical to the economic progress of a country. Public debt in developing countries: Has the market- based model worked? The impact of external debt reduction on economic growth in Nigeria: Some simulation results. The paper found that domestic debts if properly manage can lead to high growth level. A major policy implication of this result is that concerted effort be made by policy makers to manage the debt effectively by channeling them to productive activities (real sector) so as to increase the level of output in Nigeria, hence achieving the desire level of growth. Ravi (Eds.), External Finance for Low Income Countries. Recent developments in econometrics: An application to financial liberalization and saving in Nigeria.


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