The Process Of Problem Solving

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You can read more about the Six-Step Problem Solving Model in our free e Book ‘Top 5 Problem Solving Tools’.

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For example, once the real problem is identified – using “2.

Determine the Root Cause(s) of the Problem”, the group may return to the first step to redefine the problem. The goal is not to solve but to evolve, adjusting the solution continually as new challenges emerge, through repeating the Six Step Process.

Step One is about diagnosing the problem – the context, background and symptoms of the issue.

Once the group has a clear grasp of what the problem is, they investigate the wider symptoms to discover the implications of the problem, who it affects, and how urgent/important it is to resolve the symptoms.

Once all the symptoms are found and the problem diagnosed and an initial definition agreed, the PS group begins to explore what has caused the problem.

In this step the problem solving team will use tools such as: These techniques help collate the information in a structured way, and focus in on the underlying causes of the problem. At this stage, the group may return to step one to revise the definition of the problem.

The revenue side breaks down further into price and volume issues.

For example, your profit problem breaks down into revenue issues and cost issues.


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