The Legacy Of Socrates Essays In Moral Philosophy

The Legacy Of Socrates Essays In Moral Philosophy-70
In this dialogue, Plato offers several arguments in support of the claim that the soul is immortal, one of which hearkens back to the theory of recollection demonstrated in the Meno. 3.) Another argument involves the idea that there are two types of being, one of which is associated with perishable things, like human bodies, and another that is associated with imperishable things, like the soul.

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Doing what’s best for society means thinking always and only about the right way to govern, the right way to achieve a unified state.

The society Plato envisions is one he thinks can alone ensure people get their due.

The Moral Soul The moral soul is the harmonious and just soul guided by reason.

This is the soul in which each of the two lower parts, appetite and spirit, are kept in alignment by reason.

Believing and Knowing For Plato, there is a distinction between believing and knowing.

Since there are objective truths to be known, we may believe X, but belief alone does not guarantee we are correct.

We can also extrapolate from particulars to get closer to contemplating the Forms.

This extrapolation process is made possible by the way that reason works.

Unaided by the senses, reason will come to contemplate the Forms.

4.3 Allegory of the Cave Plato’s Allegory of the Cave explains, among other things, how we come to the proper use of our reason to know the Forms.


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