The Green Knight Essays

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Characters, like plot, are easy to simply summarize—so don’t fall into that trap here, either.

Choose one character, such as Gawain, the Green Knight, or Lady Bertilak, and show your reader you really understand the character.

Check out these Literary Analysis Essay Tips if you need some more information before getting started.

Introduction The romance Sir Gawain and The Green Knight can be analyzed from different perspectives.

When Gawain stays at Lord Bertilak’s castle, he accepts Lady Bertilak’s gift primarily because he thinks it will make him immortal, but partly because it is the chivalrous thing to do if a lover offers a gift or token.

Finally, because of Sir Gawain’s chivalrous and honorable nature, he voluntarily wears the girdle as a sign of shame.You just need a little push in the right direction. There are many different ways to analyze a piece of poetry or literature.This biggest thing is, don’t try to analyze every single detail.However, he does the honorable thing by vowing to wear the girdle as a visible recognition of his shame.In doing so, he (and the other knights) turn the girdle into a symbol of honor.It’s important to write your thesis before you start writing the rest of your paper. However, keep in mind you’re writing an analysis, not a summary.This ensures you have a clear direction to show where your analysis is heading. Before you go diving head first into building the perfect thesis statement, let’s look at a few different paths for writing a killer Sir Gawain and the Green Knight analysis—plot, characters, and literary devices. Break down each plot point, and explain its significance to the rest of the story.Green is not the only symbol or literary device you can use in your analysis. You can discuss themes and motifs, structure, point of view—really just about anything as long as you have the evidence from the text to back up your claims.Now that you have some ideas for your Sir Gawain and the Green Knight analysis, it’s time to start writing!I cannot possibly fit all the characters, symbols, and plot points into one post, so think of this list as a starting point to generate your own ideas. While some pieces of literature break the normal structure—exposition, rising action, conflict, falling action, resolution—Sir Gawain sticks with convention. Then add any or all of the following: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight explores the theme of chivalry throughout various points in the poem.As a knight, Gawain must stand up for his king, which pulls him into the game with the Green Knight in the first place.


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