Teen Discrimination Essay

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They can be offended, because it isn’t something they can help.

Like my example of the teenage boy above, he was simply having fun as he walked into the store.

Studies show that even infants can distinguish skin tones.

By early childhood, kids begin to have more favorable opinions of people they perceive as “the same” as they are – even if the similarities are meaningless.

Maybe the employee working behind the register will even go as far as to call the police on these boys, who didn’t steal anything, but were discriminated against simply because they were “unruly teenage boys”. We don’t tell the youth very much, because they “won’t understand”, they’re “too young”.

Teen Discrimination Essay California Critical Thinking Test Form B

We gawk when elderly people run marathons, or even participate in simple recreational activities such as volleyball or swimming, because they are “old”, and “incapable”.

All ages can be discriminated against, teenagers are considered shifty and untrustworthy, elderly considered incapable, youth considered boisterous.

It affects not only the people who are discriminated against, but also those who lose valuable relationships by judging them based on age.

But when it comes to talking to children, experts say diversity and discrimination are subjects that shouldn’t be ignored.

Many people are hesitant to talk to their kids about differences because they don’t want to draw attention to them.


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