Summer Vacation Homework

Seeing an anticipated film, having favorite cheesecake, dating with a close friend, spending some time on video games, and some other things will do.

This idea will create a learning atmosphere every student needs in summer.

Homework's Effects There are no academic studies looking at the extent of summer homework, but it's on the rise, researcher Harris Cooper told Great Schools.

He's the chairman of the psychology and neuroscience department at Duke University and the co-author of a leading meta-analysis on the effect of homework during the school year on academic achievement that was featured earlier this year over at the Inside School Research blog.

It's not just the amount of work creeping into vacation that causes students to balk, it's that they often have no guidance from teachers should they have questions or run into problems.

Summer Vacation Homework

"You're just handed over a textbook and sort of forced to figure it out yourself," junior Bess Aronoff told the .

An incoming senior at a Florida high school had to complete 100 calculus problems, read .

Meanwhile, summer preparation for sophomores taking AP U. History at Shaker Heights High School in Ohio, called for reading six chapters of the textbook, supplemental reading, and developing four essay outlines.

That depends on how much students and parents buy into it, Stanford University's Denise Pope explains in Crawford's Great Schools report.

"In order for any learning to be retained, there has to be engagement on the part of the students," said Pope.


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