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The opening scene in Strictly Ballroom was very effective, as it introduced the world of ballroom dancing and the "over the top" atmosphere in which the film would take place.

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Close-ups of Scott’s softly lit face show his sense of enlightenment and desire to connect with the values of the Spanish community.

Ya Ya taps Scott’s gut and chest, mimicking the rhythm of the heartbeat, illustrating Scott’s realisation of where the real rhythm should come from.

When Rico challenges Scott to dance the paso doble, Scott is ridiculed for not dancing from the heart and this separates him from the group.

Close-ups of people laughing are juxtaposed with long shots of Fran and Scott dancing, showing that they are laughing at the way he dances.

By now we see the original images of the dancing silhouettes as superficial.

This is not a world we would want to belong to, as it is fraught with anxiety and fear of self-expression.

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People long to be together, to spend time with one another and to connect to other human beings.

I felt this scene was effective as it juxtaposed so greatly with the other scenes where Scott began to dance with Fran and eventually had the courage to dance his own steps.

Our opinion on the very delicate and pretty world quickly changes as we hear Shirley shrill voice yelling out "come on 100" this quickly alerts us to the fact that behind the glitter and face smiles, ballroom dan ...


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