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The social condition that has been established and confronted is the fact that underage drinking and the percent of accidents involving drivers under the influence has gone up.

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Alcohol impairs most of the skills that young drivers need the most, such as their reaction time, their vision, and their judgment. Being proactive can reduce the risk of underage drinking and teen drunk driving.Remind them that they can always call you for a ride if they end up in a situation in which alcohol is being served to teens.Set a good example for responsible adult alcohol use in your own home.The plan urges citizens and leaders to "Get MADD All Over Again" and calls for widespread use of sobriety checkpoints and other highly visible enforcement efforts, tougher laws for the more serious DUI offenders, court monitoring programs, higher beer excise taxes, enacting stronger seat belt laws, reducing underage drinking, and establishing a National Traffic Safety fund...Alcohol isn't just illegal for teenagers to consume—it can be deadly if they drink and drive.Despite the ongoing efforts of organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), alcohol related deaths have increased 5.2% over the course of last year.MADD has concluded that this condition is unacceptable, and intends to turn this condition into a social problem.If you notice your teenager hanging out with a friend who is known to use alcohol, limit their time together by making strict rules on how afterschool time can be spent and how late he or she can stay out at night.Despite parents' best efforts, some teenagers drive drunk anyway, and many are charged with DUI.According to MADD, they "urged the nation to adopt its eight-point plan to jump-start the war on drunk driving"."Of the general driving age public, 98 percent see drinking and driving as a threat to their personal safety, and 86 percent feel it is very important to do something to reduce the problem," (Gallup Organization, 2000).


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