Starting Internet Cafe Business Plan

Starting Internet Cafe Business Plan-37
You would also install a program like VNC on each computer so you can remotely manage and monitor your computers The total investment is from USD 10,000 or USD 5,000, with new or used equipment respectively.

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Hardware is not expensive if you choose the right one.

The cost of setting up your internet cyber café depends on the number of services and computers you plan to offer to your customers.

Even if someone is not a true capitalist, they still need to consider that to be in business one must earn money from that venture, and certainly enough to break-even so as to be able to continue said venture.

Even for an internet café having a business plan is a great idea.

Most people use them to access webmail and instant messengers to keep in touch with family and friends.

Some of them are also used for multiplayer gaming, having several computers connected on a LAN.– Will you serve food and beverages, and if so, what does your menu look like?– Will you limit it to just a few standard options, like coffee and muffins, or will you serve light fare, like sandwiches?– What kind of an experience do you want to provide to your cafe customers?– Do you plan to have live entertainment, like poetry readings or a string quartet?– Will your patrons be able to sit in your cafe indefinitely, or will they be paying by the hour for internet access?– Do you plan to provide Wifi for those who bring their own devices, and if so, will there be a charge for this?Whether the idea of the Japanese kissaten appeals to you or not, it raises natural questions about how long you want people to be able to sit at your computers, what the hourly charges will be, will you have an open-access computer for quick use, of perhaps less than 10 minutes, and will you have laptops and tablets for patrons to use.Beyond this you want to ask if you are going to offer beverages and light fare, so as to manage expenses in the beginning, or what kind of a menu might you have.You just need a good business plan for your Internet café! Be the first to bring internet access in African village, city or town and make a new history for many people...An Internet cafe is a place where one can use a computer to access internet for a fee, usually per hour or per minute.


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