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You'll note with This may seem like an obvious one, but you'd be surprised at how many authors start writing before they have a clear idea of the genre and style they want to write in.Think about genre for a moment: thriller, romance, sci-fi, literary fiction...

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*** It's important to remember that characters don't need to be confined to just one role.

For example, Dumbledore in is a mentor, but he's also a power player.

At this point, we're not doing in-depth character profiles yet.

This part of the process is about getting a sense of who will be playing what roles, and making sure your cast is well-rounded enough to see you through an entire novel.

Literary fiction, fantasy, thriller, romance, Young Adult, New Adult, science fiction...

The genres go on and on, as do the possibilities of each.It's essential that all of these elements are worked out in detail if you want to produce a comprehensive and effective plan for your novel.Characters are one of the most vital aspects of a novel to get right.Similarly, Voldemort is an antagonist but also a power player.Thinking about where your characters sit in these roles is important, but so is thinking outside the box and breaking the rules.In all likelihood, this will be the basic framework of your novel.Here is where we get into the nitty-gritty essentials of the book: your characters, the plot, the genre and voice.Let's look at this in three main steps: Step One: Know the ending of your book. Step Three: Fill in the middle with any conflicts, twists or scenes you've already thought of in your initial brainstorm.When planning the plot of your novel, knowing the ending is incredibly important.Once you've got a general idea of the kind of book you want to write, you need to ask yourself these questions: Use this point in the process as an 'info dump'.Basically, you're writing down everything and anything you know about the book so far.


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