Solving Speed Problems

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These types of problems might be useful to you in real life, and often appear on standardized tests, so it is helpful to learn these formulas and methods. Since he runs ten rounds, you have to multiply the circumference by 10: 87.92 x 10 = 879.2 (879 rounded) Next, it says he completed the run in 10 minutes, but the answer needs to be in seconds, so convert by multiplying 10 x 60 = 600.

Example 1 – The Lazy River has a current of 2 miles per hour.

A motorboat can travel 15 miles down the river in the same amount of time it takes to travel 9 miles up the river. Step 2: Create a chart and fill in the chart with as much information as you can.

Because we want the distance, we multiply the time and speed together yielding .

The minutes cancel out, so now we have as our distance for the first day.


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