Solving Multi Step Problems

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To determine if you need to add or subtract, look for keys words like addition, sum, or more that tell you to ADD two quantities together.

Key words like difference, take away, left, and remove tell you that you need to SUBTRACT.

Key-words, important information, sometimes extra information, it’s all hard to sort through when you’re just a kid!

Multi-step problems take this stress to a whole new level because now you can’t just put two numbers together and call it quits, you have to do ANOTHER step to solve! So, we’ve implemented a process to help us zero in on the information and decide what steps we have to take to solve those tricky problems!

A multi-step addition and subtraction problem is one in which there are several steps that must be performed in order to get a final answer.

You may need to add some quantities and subtract others, and you need to carefully read the problem in order to determine what you need to do to solve it.

Once we solved, we headed back to our seats to take notes on the three step method.

Finally, they were ready to try the process on their own.

In this problem, Johanna starts with ten apples, and then her grandmother takes away three of them.

Does this mean that you should add or subtract three apples from the total?


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