Sociology Deviance Essay Questions

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Commensurate with his over all schema of sociological thought, Durkheim stressed not only the inevitability but also the function of crime in a social context.

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With this base firmly established I will move on from there to look specifically at the area of crime and the young, isolating points of reference between the theory and the official statistics and drawing inferences from this.

I will then move on to look at the area of postmodern social theory as exemplified in the work of, among others Michel Foucault, and how such notions of privileging and minor narratives can be used to challenge criminal stereotypes and provide a sound foundation for future practice. It is not enough, as most commentators point out (Haralambos, 1991; Giddens, 2001; Downes and Rock, 1998 etc.) to suggest that it is merely the study of criminal activity, although they are of course inextricably linked.

The deviant could be judged and, presumably the authorities pre-warned, through the isolating of certain physical features such as an asymmetrical face or unusual facial features.

What is important about Lobroso and Ferrero’s theories, I think, is not so much their conclusions as their attempt at founding a discipline that views deviance as something that can be categorized and eventually countered.

Illustrate your discussion with reference to age and crime.

With the rise in mass media, the reporting of crime and deviance has become commonplace.

What the figures have demonstrated is that heredity is a very strong predisposing factor as far as committing crimes is concerned.

But the actual way in which the crime is carried out, and whether or not the culprit is found and punished—these are obviously subject to the changing vicissitudes of everyday life.” (Eysenck, 1970: 74) One of the earliest sociological expositions of deviance was the functionalist view of Emile Durkheim.

With this in mind, this paper attempts to place the theories of deviance and control within the context of modern theories concerning social work and social work policy.

Firstly, I would like to outline in some depth the various differing theories of crime and deviance, starting with the historical psychobiological model (leading into more recent notions of genetic and criminal profiling), then I will move on to look at the more sociologically based theories of Emile Durkheim and Robert K. I will, after this consider the theories of the Chicago school before concluding this section with an assessment of Howard Becker and labeling theory.


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