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In a similar fashion, students cannot be expected to start writing assignments if their fine motor skills have not developed.

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HDI is a quality of life index prepared by UNDP and published in Human Development Reports since 1990.

It takes into account the three most basic human capabilities.

(i) Longevity measured by life expectancy at birth (ii) Educational attainment as measured by adult literacy rate and gross enrolment ratio GER (primary, secondary and tertiary level combined) (iii) Adjusted real GDP per capita – PPP stands for purchasing power parity.

PPP GDP is calculated after eliminating price differences among countries.

All children must learn how to speak correctly before tackling other learning tasks, like reading.

Children cannot start recognizing sounds, letters, and words in language until they have practiced and used that language.Higher the value of HDI of a country higher is the level of welfare of the people of that country.HDI is thus a measure of the quality of life of the people.Great theorists like Sigmund Freud, Jena Piaget and Albert Bandura have all contributed to the study of human development and learning, and great thinkers continue to contribute insightful opinions on the matter today.In 1990s Human Development has emerged as an important concept of development.HDI value for 1992 being 0.439 and for 2001 as 0.590.” Each index measures the degree of achievement of the country in a particular area. For example, the life expectancy index of India for the year 2001 is 63.3.It means that India’s achievement rate of life expectancy is 63.3 per cent.For health, life expectancy at birth is taken as an indicator; for education, adult literacy and enrolment ratio are taken into consideration while Per Capita GDP at PPP is taken as an indicator of standard of living.As in the case of PQLI, first minimum and maximum values of the three attainments are determined.The HDI value indicates how far a country has gone to attain certain defined goals: an average life span of 85 years, access to education for all and a decent standard of living.The maximum and minimum values for each variable, which are fixed, are reduced to scale between 0 and 1.


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