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Assertive action takes theform of convincing others to5. There is focus on the particularintentions of goals isbehavior necessary to reach the achieved by the individualschosen he or she interacts with the career group.2. This period is marked byfurther clarification of selfin the chosen position.2. What are your top three choices of courses in college? First Preference - ________________________________b. Second Preference - _______________________________c. Third Preference - ________________________________3. What is your preference in choosing a career in college? Kindly justify your choice for your career preference:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________4.Goals become more definite andconform to the self-view heldformed but are not the individual and toward6. Further consideration of theanticipated position lessens thedoubts of the career decision.3. Which of the following would you consider problems in pursuing your choice?

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His paradigm covers four aspects of anticipation or preoccupation (exploration, crystallization, choice, and clarification) and three aspects of implementation of adjustment (induction, reformation, and integration). There is a further and reconsideration ofidentification of self and defensepossible courses of self within the career social3. As acceptance is experiencedactivities by relating feelingswithin the career, part of self is of self within certain merged with the acceptingstructures or There is further progression of projection into tentative goalsindividualized goal but within the5. Quad Alpha Centrum Bldg.: 115 Pioneer st., Mandaluyong City, p.62.

ASPECTS OF ANTICIPATION, PREOCCUPATION, IMPLEMENTATION, AND ADJUSTMENTAspects of Anticipation Characteristics Aspects of Characteristics Or Preoccupation Implementation Exploration1. This period beginstemporary and evanescent the social interaction experiencein nature. There is a focus on futureframework of the totality of a behavior with alternative coursescareer concerning social action.6. The career group offersassessment of alternatives.acknowledgement of 2. APPENDIX ASURVEY QUESTIONNAIREDirection: Please answer this survey questionnaire by either supplying the requested information or by placing the check mark (√) on the appropriate space provided for. PART I – PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: Sex: Name of School: Age: A. 6,000 - below 6,001 - 8,000 8,001 – 10,000 10,001 – 12,000 12,001 – 14,000 14,001 and above PART III – ON CAREER PREFERENCES1.

Super said that indecisiveness is a period in developmental process when interests have not been fully crystallized. Career Preferences of College Freshmen in the University of Cebu – Lapu-Lapu andf Mindoro: A Career Development Program by Jana Gloria F.

Individuals lead to discriminate 2 or more choices of two or more occupational objectives when uncertainty about future occurs.

The implementation task (ages 21-24) is accomplished by the completion of training and entry into the career and develops a feeling of security in career position.

The stabilization (ages 24-35) is reached when the individual is firmly established in a career and develops a feeling of security in career position.Self-in-situation, self-in-world and the orientation of work evolve as one resolves the psychosocial crises of life.He therefore conceptualized a paradigm for problem-solving as the mechanism of career decision making.The study aimed to determine the factors affecting career preferences of senior high school students of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Vocational High School of the academic year 2009-2010.Specifically, it sought to answer the following sub problems: The crystallization task (ages 14-18) is forming a preferred career plan and considering how it might be implemented.Childhood aspiration has a major role on individual’s striving force. As they grow older, the more they want, the more they will strive to get it. Career preferences, then can be conceptualized as a process of decision-making. It also involves a series of prime factors such as the socio-demographic profile (sex, age, parents educational attainment, parents occupation, size of income, and sibling position). Also, Super’s six-dimension is appropriate for adolescent is truly applicable because senior high school students are fall under this category.Another theory adopted for the research is David Tiedeman’s5 self-development approach to career.


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