Selective Breeding Essay

The transgenic cows are an example of transgenic animals.As a transgenic animal, the transgenic cows have the extra gene (transgene) present in every cell, but it’s only expressed in mammary tissue, making the transgenes protein only found and extracted from the cow’s milk.These organisms are termed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and may be modified one of 3 ways: by alteration of existing gene, by deletion of existing gene or by addition of foreign genetic material.

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With restriction enzymes, the DNA is cut leaving a bunch of pieces with varying lengths. It will be with sticky ends in order to be easily glued back into a vector.

This way, the transgene will have the specifically variant that is needed.

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The relation between humans and genetic manipulation is older than we think.

The DNA product contains the organism’s entire DNA sequence, thus it is the desired trait plus the rest of the organism’s DNA.

Selective Breeding Essay

Step 3: Gene Isolation Once the gene has been indentified and located, the scientists need to remove the gene sequence from the rest of the DNA.

Now, with the advances of science, we have some sophisticated ways to make easier get the most wanted kinds of livestock and plants.

Selective breeding and transgenesis are examples of popular (and successful) processes involving genetic manipulation in the current context.

Step 4: Designing and constructing the gene After isolated, the transgene is made modifying parts of the gene.

The gene construct is a unit of DNA that includes: A B C D A) A selectable marker gene: Usually an antibiotic resistance gene.


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