Salem Witch Trials Essay Introduction

The writers explain that the problem began in the year 1691 and was marked by the behaviour of some girls in the same village who were involved in fortune telling.The preacher was for protecting innocent people from being persecuted.With that background in mind, this paper shall describe the Salem witch trials and narrow down to women and property in relation to the same.While the girls explained that they suffered greatly in the presence of the accused, villagers maintained that their animals disappeared or were born with deformities once the accused visited their compounds.It was clear that the judges believed that the women were guilty especially due to the questions which they asked them such as whether they had either seen Satan or whether they believed whether they were witches or not (Sutter, Para. The trial would have taken another course were it not for Tituba who confessed to the accusations.The introductory part has highlighted the main points of Salem Witch Trials and it is equally important to discuss the summary of activities which were taking place to be in a position to analyze some themes of the same.The plight of Salem started when one of the church elders by the name John Putman invited Samuel Paris to preach in the village.The same study explains that out of the total number of the accused, there were fourteen women and five men.Those who faced trial were fifty two women and seven men and finally, those who were convicted were twenty six women and five men (Linder Para. Since Salem was a religious community, the trials came to and end following a sermon by Increase Marther.The trial began when the two girls; Betty and Abigail named the people whom they thought were responsible for their misery.Nevertheless, the analysis of the trial and accusations revealed that the two girls drafted their accusation stories collaboratively.


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