Role Of Music In Society Essay

The role that education takes is hugely influential in steering these perceptions of the music we create, digest and champion.A large part of the music we create is our journey within life that came before that moment.

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Music can affect the way see a candidate like a propaganda poster.

“We tend to listen to music that reflects our moods or emotions” (Nathan Files).

Music can easily alter your feelings, sway the views on an election, and influence people’s behavior through religion.

Music is an incredibly powerful tool like a toothbrush when brushing your teeth.

Music plays a huge role within everyday society, from the advertising campaigns of corporate businesses, to live performances.

The understanding of the power music holds is vastly recognised and utilised to cause affect to an audience.

The escapism music provides plays a huge role for the individual within society.

A piece of music; or even a repertoire of an artist can ring true with the listener and provide the soundtrack to their lives.

They do empathise that the issue of negative lyrics needs to be taken more seriously than in the past.

They point out that explicit material, in magazines for example are prohibited to under 18’s and that there is no such restriction on music.


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