Review Of Literature On Consumer Behaviour

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The rise and spread of the Internet has led to the emergence of a new form of word of mouth (WOM): electronic word of mouth (e WOM), considered one of the most influential informal media among consumers, businesses, and the population at large.

Drawing on these ideas, this paper reviews the relevant literature, analyzing the impact of traditional WOM and e WOM in the field of consumer behavior and highlighting the main differences between the two types of recommendations, with a view to contributing to a better understanding of the potential of both. doi: 10.1016/j.jbusres.20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Royo-Vela, M., and Casamassima, P. The influence of belonging to virtual brand communities on consumers’ affective commitment, satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising: the ZARA case.

Consumers increasingly use online tools (e.g., social media, blogs, etc.) to share their opinions about the products and services they consume (Gupta and Harris, 2010; Lee et al., 2011) and to research the companies that sell them.

These tools are significantly changing everyday life and the relationship between customers and businesses (Lee et al., 2011).

It classifies by several key variables 32 years of consumer behavior literature from selected journals and proceedings.

Review Of Literature On Consumer Behaviour Critical Thinking In Arts Education

In today’s highly informed, competitive and saturated market, a key to success of any business depends on knowing consumer and his consumption patterns and recognizing and understanding factors influencing his decision-making for the purpose of developing an attractive offer of products, supporting services, communication means and other marketing tools that would fit like a glue to customer’s needs.Study of consumer behaviour belongs to a group of very wide and strong subjects of marketing attention and its examination requires ongoing approach.Milk, as one category of dairy products, belongs to the group of basic daily-consumed products characterized by relatively high purchase frequency.While a comprehensive review and classification of consumer behavior literature has been called for periodically, none has been forthcoming.This paper attempts partially to rectify this situation.The rapid growth of online communication through social media, websites, blogs, etc., has increased academic interest in word of mouth (WOM) and electronic word of mouth (e WOM) (e.g., Hennig-Thurau et al., 2004; Brown et al., 2007; Cheung and Thadani, 2012; Hussain et al., 2017; Yang, 2017). Information direction, website reputation and e WOM effect: a moderating role of product type. Specifically, the present paper will review the literature on how these two media have evolved, the main differences between them, and the degree to which they influence both businesses and consumers, now that they have become some of the most influential information sources for decision-making. doi: 10.1016/j.tourman.20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Park, C., and Lee, T. Similarly, previous research indicates that consumers regard WOM as a much more reliable medium than traditional media (e.g., television, radio, print advertisements, etc.) (Cheung and Thadani, 2012). It is thus considered one of the most influential sources of information about products and services (Lee and Youn, 2009). doi: 10.1016/20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Litvin, S. The structure of this review was derived from the concept of the consumer-oriented marketing mix (4Cs), taking into account The authors gratefully acknowledge the funding of the study by the German Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung within the framework of the federal ‘Programme for Organic Agriculture and other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture’.We are also grateful to Christine Bickelhaupt, Anette Cordts, Inna Hermann, Victoria Kary, Manika Rödiger, Rosa Schleenbecker, Inga Sonntag and Salome Wägeli for their assistance in literature research and analysis.


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