Results Section Of A Lab Report

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The unhydrolysed BSA had very little colour and appeared to remain on the origin (Fig. In its hydrolysed form, however, the BSA sample separated into a number of spots which were bright pink or purple (Fig. Coli colonies but some treatments were more effective on particular strains than others (see Figure 1.) FIGURE 1 E.

Coli, it was apparent that all treatments used a deterring effect on the growth of E.

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An excerpt from the results section of a psychology report The results for specific question scores indicated there was a significant difference between the instructional conditions in the expected direction, F(1,20) = 7.06, MSe = 203.87, with the isolated-interacting elements instruction group performing at a superior level. This involved analysing classroom discourse to determine whether there was a shift from the archetypal classroom discourse of Teacher Initiation, Pupil Response, Teacher Feedback identified by Sinclair and Coulthard (Stubb 1983: 29) to students taking on the role of primary knowers.

Section, a table of results should be summarized in the Results section.

Results Section Of A Lab Report

Lab reports have eight sections (see also the APA Manual, Chapter 2).While the interpretation of your results can change as other discoveries are made, carefully collected and accurately analyzed data are a permanent record of what you observed (i.e.what you observed does not change in the light of new interpretation).Arrange the results section in an organized fashion. The results section of your paper should report results without any type of subjective interpretation.(iii) Many important findings have come from studies which do not replicate a.However, you will generally need to manipulate your data in some manner.For example, if you conducted an experiment where you did replicate trials of several treatments, you will likely need to calculate means and measure the variability around the mean (e.g. Usually your instructor will have some tips on how to analyze the data you have collected.Which do you think is the better example of a properly written results section? This exchange structure allows the teacher to retain the conversational initiative (Stubbs 1983: 29). Example A is an example from a well written results section; it uses relevant material and focuses on the results and not the Figures. In the above exchange the teacher was the primary "knower" of information and her questions prompted and guided the students onto the next stage.excerpt from Woodward-Kron, R. Before you can decide how to present the results you must have a clear idea as to what your results actually show.The approach you will take to analyzing your results will vary depending on the field you are working in and the type of study/experiment you did.


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