Residential Cleaning Business Plan

If you don't, some of your customers may be forced to look for other cleaning companies, and you certainly don't want that.Customer satisfaction and retention must be a huge priority of yours.

Decide whether you want to target consumers or businesses.

Consumer clients will include owners and renters of homes, apartments and condominiums.

Consider franchisers like Jani-King and Coverall if you want to target business clients.

(See Resources 1, 2 and 3.) Plan the types of advertising you will use to promote your cleaning business. Leave a business card and brochure with business clients, as you will need to be more professional with business owners.

Some business clients may also require you to submit a bid for jobs.

Advertise your cleaning business in the print and online yellow pages.

Plus, another beautiful thing about this kind of a business is that it requires a relatively low amount of money to get started.

The only thing you must be careful of is to constantly provide amazing service.

Target small office complexes, hospitals, schools, libraries and corporations in your area if you want to focus on business clients.

Contact companies like Molly Maid if you want to buy a residential cleaning franchise.


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