Research Proposal Powerpoint Example

Then, spend no more than a minute contextualizing your research questions and project within the literature.

Don’t make the mistake of spending too much time reviewing what others have written about your topic.

Once you bold out the significant findings, you can leave a minute or two for your conclusion.

Again make sure you use visuals, story format, case studies, quotes, even videos to explain your result to make it very appealing to the audience.

For statistical data, you can present a table with findings for each finding you wish to highlight.

For interview data, you can use one interview quotes for each theme you plan to highlight.A research proposal will help explain the intention behind the research you plan to conduct.It will also highlight the research techniques you plan to use. This part should address the relevance (importance) of the research problem and present key findings from previous research on the topic, the chosen methodology and expected outcomes from conducting the research (including preliminary findings, if applicable). A statement about the implications of the study for the research area and the wider community. It contains the sequence of the points of the prearranged plan. Total time constraints for the presentation - 6-8 min.Visuals are considered very effective tools for keeping the audience interested and for conveying a point.Your next slide should contain your research questions mentioned in your introduction as well.You need to focus on what is important, highlighting the bold outcomes and results is the key here.The below format is a very basic design showing you how to make a Power Point presentation from a research paper: Obviously, this is just a general guideline.They want to see the real implications of the findings to the global challenges at hand. Think about the questions people might have such as: what data set did you use? How many months of participant observation did you complete? You should be able to go through all of the above in the first five minutes so that you can spend as much of your time as possible sharing the rich detail of your own data and analyses.If you have ethnographic data, you can tell one story from the field for each point you want to make.


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