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The two works address the 1930s unjustified and uncivilized acts of mistreatment of women particularly in the institution of marriage.The problem worsens following the existence of inflexible cultures and beliefs concerning the obligation of women in the community.

Consequently, serve as tools for addressing the “The economic, social and political subjection of women, the violence brought against them, and their confinement around the world” (Tate 28).

This perhaps makes these two works to be significant as part of American literature following the concerns of today’s feminists in matters of according women their due strength.

Sadly, women had no capacity or rather ‘strength’ to rise against acts of mistreatment to advocate for a change of the oppressive cultures.

Therefore, the paper introspects how Zora brings out the theme of strength in the two books, taking a step further to compare how she approaches the theme in the two masterpieces.

reveals the black Americans’ quest for power especially the women.

This is clear following the women’s evident incredible concerns about mistreatments.Her husband, Sykes, did not work at all and also challenged the era’s social standards by carelessly spending Delia’s hard earned money.Delia wanted to wash her clothes when she came back from church on Sunday.Jennifer Ward July 22, 2014English 336Reading Response 2The Critical Essay of"Sweat"In the short story, "Sweat," by Zora Neale Hurston, the setting is in the early 1900's in a small all-black town in Florida, Eatonville.The reader is able to quickly understand the conflicts taking place at the center of this story, beginning with Delia sorting clothes on a Sunday afternoon when her husband Sykes returns home, after spending the day with his mistress.During this time, literature was focused on revealing to middle class readers the problems of economic privileges, political corruption, and social injustice as well as center around the theme of feminism.Both literary pieces are circulating the idea that the former widespread social representation of women being submissive and having no authority in the family does affects women’s self-confidence and deeds.The second he returns home he begins to taunt his wife, Delia.As soon as Sykes refers to the "white folks" clothes, the reader is able to see the humiliation he feels for not being able to support his wife like he should.Zora Neale Hurston is among the renowned American folklorists, novelists and short-story writers.She is amongst the foremost American writers of “the Harlem Renaissance, a literary and artistic movement centered in Harlem, New York, which redefined African-American expression during the 1920s and 1930s” (Muraskin 76).


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