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It is valued most for headlines and convenience, not detailed, in-depth reporting.

Broadcast news outlets continue to struggle ­ over the last two years alone, the audiences for nightly network, local TV news and radio news have all slipped.

In 1996, people on average spent slightly more than an hour (66 minutes) getting the news from TV, radio or newspapers.

Currently, they spend virtually the same amount of time (67 minutes) getting the news from all major news sources, the internet included.

The bottom line for the vast majority of news consumers ­ regardless of news source ­ is that it provides information they need to know each day.

A majority of newspaper readers (57%) also say they find the experience “relaxing.” Fewer regular radio news consumers (44%), TV news consumers (41%) ­ and especially internet news users (33%) ­ say they find it relaxing to get the news from those sources.

Maturing Internet News Audience Broader Than Deep A decade ago, just one-in-fifty Americans got the news with some regularity from what was then a brand new source ­ the internet.

Today, nearly one-in-three regularly get news online.

In addition, web news consumers emphasize speed and convenience over detail.

Of the 23% who got news on the internet yesterday, only a minority visited newspaper websites.


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