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Colleges want students to participate in authentic, meaningful community service that deepens their sense of gratitude, responsibility for the future, and appreciation of diversity.In a 2016 report published by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, a coalition of college admissions officers joined together to create and endorse recommendations related to community service and ethical engagement, among other topics.

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I have really enjoyed volunteering in the shelter and I am sure that as I continue to volunteer there, I will learn more about myself and how I want to teach, as well as the needs of children and families that are currently homeless.

The people that I have met there have made the problem of homelessness real to me.

Generally, you should aim to complete at least 50-200 hours of community service during your high school career.

(But keep in mind: There’s no need to exhaust yourself or fall behind in school because you’ve set a lofty goal of hundreds of community service hours.) As you’ll see in the next section, colleges look not at the quantity of community service you complete, but at the quality of the work you do.

In this guide, we’ll examine what colleges consider important when it comes to community service, including how many service hours you need and how schools evaluate your community service experiences. Unless your high school has a community service requirement for graduation, the exact amount of time you spend doing community service is unimportant.

Of course, just a few hours over the course of four years wouldn’t suggest that you’re especially civic-minded.School needs to be a safe and consistent place because their home life probably is not.The interesting thing is that listening, the skill I used the most at the shelter, is a skill that I will have to continue to develop as a teacher.It is much harder to truly listen and attempt to understand another point of view.One of the other things that I saw in the shelter was the real love that parents had for their children.All children, as well as their parents, need to know that their teacher will really listen to them and try to understand.It is easy to jump to conclusions with very little information.Upper elementary students will understand that their home life is different and will likely experience the same shame that their parents feel.As a teacher, I want to let those students know that they can talk to me without feeling ashamed.I knew that homeless parents did not love their children any less than parents who were not homeless, but that knowledge has a difficult time counteracting the societal view of ¡¥homeless people as lazy people who don¡¦t care about anything¡¦ to which we are all indoctrinated.The parents were tired, but they wanted to be involved.


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