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One of the most powerful scenes that set the tone and the direction of the entire movie happens at the very beginning of the movie when Coach Boom, played by Denzel, gives a speech to the team stating that this is not a democracy and that he is the law.

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Every day the world leaders call for big actions of kindness and humanity, to fight against racism and to support equality and tolerance.

But their words certainly don’t carry as strong of a meaning as This movie represents one of the revolutionary moments in the history of American sports, where the battle was led between two different races who were on the same team.

involves keeping a negative attitude towards the members of a group. the two other groups must someway be dependent upon one another.

This movie demonstrates the factors that may cut down prejudice- sustained contact. Common Mutuality is the thought that in order to cut down bias among groups.

The musical scenes and the soundtrack complete the entire movie, by setting the tone and atmosphere, and in certain occasions of watching the movie I felt engaged and as if I was present with them.

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In my opinion, they couldn’t have picked a better soundtrack that evokes suspense, sadness, and compassion at just the right moment.The first impression I got from watching the movie was that it’s not a typical drama.First of all, it’s based on real events which give the entire story a strong background.One of the factors that successfully reduced the bulk of bias within the squad was superordinate ends. ” This factor ensures that the white squad members understand that there is no hierarchy within the squad ; that the inkinesss are non inferior.The ends set by Boone were made intentionally unattainable by a individual member. Boone says that taking participants isn’t a affair of favouritism. Boone is focused on guaranting everyone understands that they are of equal importance. and the belief that the schools should non be integrated. Sustained contact is the theory that more clip you spend with person the less likely you are to keep a prejudiced position of them. has a inclination to overlook the single features or behaviour of members of the group to whom he/she is prejudiced. ’ His attitude represents the general attitude within the white members of the town.Sustained contact occurs in the movie during the six-week football preparation cantonment.that both the white and black team-members attended. Coach Boone splits the squad into two groups- discourtesy and defence. because the individual that I have you sitting following to is the same one you’ll be boarding with for the continuance of this cantonment. This peculiar signifier of biass is the most outstanding and makes up the foundation of this movie. emphasizes one of the chief subjects of this film- racial favoritism. Racism occurs when bias and favoritism are directed at people who are members of a peculiar racial or cultural group. It explores legion signifiers of racial bias and favoritism. peculiarly the information sing a white tradesman slaying a black adult male and non being found guilty.


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