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At the same level that the child identifies himself with the heroic avenger, he may also identify however has been frustrating him with the corpse. Wertham believes that comic books are so saturated with violence that the child then begins substituting persons in his own life with characters featured in the comic books (4).

It could then be rationalized that the child’s level of aggression is increased as he replaces “parents, teachers, and policemen” with the villains that the “heroic avenger” is violently punishing for their crimes, all making it seem that the child imself is experiencing these fantastical displays of violence in his own mind.

The popularity of comics has been attested as to simply be derived from the aggression that appears to revolve the many titles that exist today.

Commenting on the effect of the violence displayed in comic books on children Dr.

The American Psychological Pattern and Reality Television In this era of America's infatuation with reality television, one show seems to prevail in keeping millions glued to their TV's week after week to scrutinize the typical, everyday people who are thrown into an extraordinary situation with the hopes of winning a million dollars.

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The contestants on Survivor are selected from thousands of applicants to be "stranded" in a desolate area to compete for prizes, to vie for the coveted immunity status and to scheme against others to be the last one standing.

During the 1950s, concern that violent comic books might increase aggression in children led to the development of a comics code authority, which enforced the censorship of comic book content.

It is then argued that exposure to comic book violence is especially detrimental.

With the motto "Outwit, outlast, and outplay" as their mantra, contestants are unleashed on the deserted island in a game of survival.

Not only must they survive on the minimal necessities provided for them, the must also survive the elements and the sabotage of others.


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