Psychological Contract Dissertation

The main objective was to investigate motives underlying wasteful activity in the house, intended as an installation where physical, embodied and social factors interact with one another and shape individuals’ activity beyond intention.First, a background on household practices and a theoretical framework for analysing them was provided.

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The conference presents a fantastic opportunity for alumni to reflect on their work, share the impact of their findings and to give current MSc students the chance to hear first-hand about the dissertation experience. Sally-Ann Tingle Abstract: Social entrepreneurs are championed as modern heroes changing the world for the better (Bornstein, 2007).

While the benefits of social entrepreneurship for society are clear, the benefits for social entrepreneurs themselves are less so.

And one of the processes utilized to understand life events is ‘sense-making’.

Transitioning from being a student to an earning member of the society is one of the biggest changes/life-events that an individual experiences in the first quarter of their lives. Hence, to understand what the work-place is like for graduate newcomers and what happens to their expectations and beliefs, this study explored their experiences based on the role of their psychological contracts with their organisation and employers.

Secondly, data was gathered from thirteen people, asked to record their domestic activities through body-worn miniature cameras (Subcam) and further comment their recordings in a face-to-face replay interview.

Finally, data was interpreted in relation to the literature as conceptual tools to understand and manage waste.

Maria Zimbron-Alva Title: Practices to face and avoid engaging in corruption: Public officials’ experiences at their everyday job in a Mexican city.

Abstract: Corruption is a pressing issue in the world and Mexico is no exception.

The mainstream fight against corruption has been focussed in following the best practices around the world, designing a new institution (Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción) in charge of co-ordinating the multiple efforts across the government.

However, the strategies to fight corruption are prominently rule-based and focused on creating severe sanctions (OECD, 2017).


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