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However, differing to the questions below, the test these students took in 2012 was actually interactive, thus making it difficult to give examples of all the questions pupils would have tackled.

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Amy and Alan do not sit next to either Brad or Beth. If, instead of facing the left wall at the beginning of the animation, the vacuum cleaner was facing the right wall, how many yellow blocks would it have pushed by the end of the sequence?

If it meets an obstacle it turns a half circle (180 degrees) and moves forward until it meets something else. By the end of the sequence it has pushed two yellow blocks.

Dealing with any of the following situations will help you gain problem-solving skills, perhaps without even realising it: There should also be opportunities for you to develop problem-solving skills through your studies.

Many assignments in subjects such as engineering and computer science are explicitly based around solving a problem in a way that, for example, essay topics in English literature aren’t.

You may be asked for an example of when you solved a problem on an application form – for instance, an engineering firm’s application form has previously included the question ‘Please tell us about a time when you have used your technical skills and knowledge to solve a problem’. Typical problem-solving competency-based questions include: Interviewers will also be interested to know how you would approach problems that could arise when you are in the workplace.

The precise interview questions will vary according to the job, but common ones include: Here are some tips on how to develop the problem-solving techniques employers look for.

Games such as Sudoku and chess can also strengthen your ability to think strategically and creatively.

Any candidate, no matter how high-flying, may be thrown by undertaking an online test or attending an assessment centre for the first time, so do everything you can to practise beforehand.

Yellow blocks can be pushed, until they meet an obstacle (a red block or a wall).

Julio lives in Silver, Maria lives in Lincoln and Don lives in Nobel. If it meets a wall it turns a half circle (180 degrees) and moves forward until it meets something else.


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