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These equations typically have one variable and look like 3x = 9 or y 4 = 10.

In this lesson, we'll not only practice solving problems that can be translated into linear equations, we'll also focus on problems you may encounter in your life - problems not involving trains passing each other. If we solve for x by subtracting 35 from both sides, we get x = 37. They can be a bit more complex, like this: 15 less than four times a number is 57.

As a reminder, a is just an algebraic expression that represents a line.

The easiest way to distinguish a math problem as an equation is to notice an equals sign.

In Example 3, you take the algebraic expression given in Example 1 and simplify it to review the process of simplification.

Remember that you are "isolating" the unknown "X" to solve the problem.

As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. So, it'll take you just over 11 weeks to get that bike. If you played 3 games and paid each for shoes, how much did you pay per game? We looked at simple examples, where the problem describes a number in terms of details about it, like the sum of twice a number and 52 is 174.

In other words, a linear equation is an equation that can be written in the form , where are constants multiplied by variables and is a constant.

For the particular case (single variable equation), the resulting equation can be graphed as a point on the number line, and for the case (resulting in a linear function), it can be graphed as a line on the Cartesian plane, hence the term "linear" equation.

each term does not have any variables to a power other than one.

In general, a linear equation with variables can be written in the form , where is a series of constants, is a series of variables, and is a constant.


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