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By doing this, I catch any issues before I get too far.

Below is an example of what values I would check when I am first starting out. Sometimes new developers will get hung up with the syntax that it becomes difficult to move forward.

Refer back to the problem to make sure you are on track.

When you have your pseudocode ready, translate each line into real code in the language you are working on. If you wrote it out on paper, type this up as comments in your code editor. Then I call the function and give it some sample sets of data we used earlier.

If you’re starting out and find blank screens to be daunting or distracting, I recommend doing it on paper. For our problem, there are many different ways to do this.

Pseudocode generally does not actually have specific rules in particular but sometimes, I might end up including some syntax from a language just because I am familiar enough with an aspect of the programming language. For example, you can use Either way is fine as long as you are writing it out line-by-line and understand the logic on each line.I realised that they are widely using the STL for easy manipulating - vectors, sets, maps, lists and also the algorithms available in STL.Any site for beginners like me who want to learn the features of STL and its use in solving problems ? As well as Scott Meyer's excellent book "Effective STL" which has been recommended above, I can't recommend highly enough the excellent book Accelerated C by Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. The book starts by having you use STL very early in the book explaining their uses in the context of initially simple problems.Consists of the following steps:  Requirements specifications (Specification of needs). Process: shows an instruction other then i/p, o/p or selection.  Special constraints or (necessity) conditions (if any). Example: Problem: Compute and display the total cost of apples given the number of kilograms (kg) of apples purchased and the cost per kg of apples. It is an alternative to pseudo coding, where as a pseudo code description is verbal. The symbols: Terminal: the beginning and end points of an algorithm.See if you can reduce any steps or if you are repeating any steps.Even after you’ve worked out general steps, writing out pseudocode that you can translate into code will help with defining the structure of your code and make coding a lot easier. You can do this either on paper or as comments in your code editor.  Requirements Specifications:  What the problem is?  What the solution should provide  If there are constraints and special conditions.  Constraint: N/A  Formula: Total cost = Cost per kg x Quantity. PSEUDO CODE: Pseudo code is semiformal English – like language with limited vocabulary that can be used to design and describe algorithms.  An algorithm can be represented using Pseudo codes (or) Flow charts.I am preparing for a programming competition in witch we solve programming problems in c .Looking at the former year solutions, they seem quite easy (not more than ~30 lines of code).


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