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If this is done, it may be because of a personal preference to a particular method or being constrained by a pre-defined process.By elevating to the core philosophical principles of observation, intuition and logic and giving each enough attention and a wide enough remit, we can be freer with how problems are solved.Others may not agree with the interpretation of the observation or the intuition, but a statement that is true (logical) against a particular frame of reference has been created.

If this is done, it may be because of a personal preference to a particular method or being constrained by a pre-defined process.

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Creatives of all kinds, be they painters, film-makers, sculptors or photographers, need to be thought of as problem-solvers if they are to make a dent in someone else’s life.

The tricky thing with the arts world, compared to, say, the world of ‘computer software’, is that the ‘’? The answers are very definitely real, and they are rooted deeply to an individual’s psychology and primal needs.

It’s important to know what they are if we are to know how to ‘solve’ or ‘minimise’ them through providing well-defined products, creations and services.

I can’t claim to know what everyone’s problems are, but I can have a guess at some of the thoughts your potential customers or clients may be having.

Primarily aimed at human interaction design, methods such as the Double Diamond model and Design Think provide a progression through cycles of observation, intuition, and logic, albeit by other names, which as we have seen above are the fundamentals of problem-solving.

Additionally, these methods promote cycles of divergent and convergent thinking.

Anyone working as a creative who works for themselves and initiates their own projects, which I imagine is most of you, can be thought of as such.

One thing that entrepreneurs have in common in their quest for gaining traction, attracting customers, buyers and fans, is that in order to do so, they need to solve problems for people. Making money, if this is your intention, requires solving the problems of other people who pay you for this privilege.

Learning from philosophy What can we learn from this?

We haven’t always got years to come up with solutions to our problems.


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