Populist Party Platform 1892 Essay

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Because your paper will include quotations, you will need parenthetical references and a works cited page in proper MLA format.

In the Voices of Freedom, the Populist group, which consisted of farmers from rural areas of the United States, faced economic oppression, restrictions on liberties as U. citizens and demanded reform from the government on how much authority they exerted into the lives of the everyday American.

It was the desire of the Populists to see the Republic restored back into the hands of the citizens.

As stated in Created Equal, "The Populist Party had a profound impact on the nation's political landscape in the 1890's" (p. In a formal proposal that was created, which was the preamble to their conditions set forth for the government, it outlined every area where they wanted to spark change.

Once you have developed your thesis, you must give several specific examples from the work in each of your body paragraphs, and explain how these examples support your thesis.

Your examples should include brief quotations from the primary work.

The Populist attributed their poverty and financial distress to the high cost for them to utilize freights from railroad companies.

Monopolies were placed upon the freight system and public officials used it as a means of unfair treatment towards the farmers.

Evidence: Refer to specific details from the primary text (including brief quotations in each body paragraph) to support your thesis.

To connect the primary text to its historical context, your paper should also include references to assigned readings from the textbook, Created Equal chapter 18 p.449-450Your assignment is to analyze the primary text chosen, through developing a clear thesis statement about it.


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