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The text of President Sirisena’s address to the nation reminds the citizens of the explanation he offered in the latter part of 2014 as to why he left his former political boss, Mr. His actions that Friday marked a shockingly tragic end to the political hope and promise he had epitomised since November 21, 2014.

I campaigned actively for the newly formed opposition front, which fielded Mr.

Le de Humboldt appelle à une compréhension plus complète des indigènes Mexicains, incluant leur histoire, leur culture et leur situation vis-à-vis des changements dans leur environnement et dans la nature du lien politique entre eux-mêmes et le gouvernement colonial en Nouvelle Espagne (le Mexique et les Etats-Unis du sud-ouest en ce temps-là).

(1811), this paper looks at how Alexander von Humboldt presents his political attitudes toward the Indigenous peoples throughout his statistical and demographic descriptions of the land, the flora (including cultivated crops) and the people.

And all of them have now begun, after October 26, to admire him and see great political virtues in him, of course, for wrong and utterly opportunistic reasons.

After he became Sri Lanka’s president, I have met Mr. I found him to be a charming and sincere political leader, not corrupted by the pretensions of the Colombo’s political elite.

Sirisena as its Presidential candidate for the 2015 January election. Sirisena, or Maithri, as we began to call him affectionately.

If Ranil were the candidate, I would have just voted for him merely as an act of protest against Mr.

Sri Lanka needed a new leader who valued political morality over ambition and compassion over the ruthlessness of power. I had only seen him once in 2002 at the Shanthi Vihar Restaurant, near University of Colombo.

It is the political morality of Maithri’s slogan that fired the political imagination of more than half of Sri Lankan voters in 2015. At that time, he was out of power, but still the General Secretary of the SLFP.


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