Political Ideology Essay Questions

Wisdom is cumulative and anything resembling a human utopia can only be achieved in the future, through incremental improvements in knowledge or merit.(The Look Forward View.) What evidence can you provide to support your point of view?Now answer the same question about why your political opponents hold the opinions & agendas they do. Inherent qualities of their nature, character or intelligence. Pursuit of their agenda may result in personal advantage.

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Do you believe there is a balance between too little regulation — allowing cheating — and too much, that stifles? Underlying this divide was the noxious notion that limited so many of our ancestors... the assumption that you cannot achieve new powers without abandoning or losing something else.

Republicans fear snooty academics and meddlesome bureaucrats.

Fundamentalists see secular elitists conspiring to spread filth. Others focus on organized crime or a burgeoning techno-elite.

read "Science Fiction and the Time Flow of Wisdom" join David Brin's Contary Brin blog community Are members of our present culture subjected to propaganda? though we mostly think our opponents got their beliefs that way! Tally underlying messages in almost every Hollywood film: Isn't the paramount one Suspicion of Authority (So A), followed by individualism and eccentricity? Liberals dread different authority figures than conservatives, but they share the underlying suspicion that someone is trying to become Big Brother.

Don't we all tend to think "I am among the few brave non-conformists out here who can sense what's going on, surrounded by neighbors who are like sheep? Is this reflex the result of "propaganda" that fills every film?


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