Persuasive Essay On Smoking Should Be Banned

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Meyers adds that smoking remains the leading preventable risk factor for heart attack.

Secondhand smoke is thought to increase the likelihood of a heart attack by making the blood "sticky" and more prone to clotting, reducing the amount of "good" (HDL) cholesterol in the body, and putting individuals at greater risk for dangerous heart rhythms, among other factors.

But then you should not be surprised by a low mark for your work.

The level of an author and a content should be equal.

There is an opinion among the students that writing an essay is quite an easy task.

They pay a great attention to a design of a title page, bibliography, but the content of an abstract does not meet basic requirements for such works.Conclusions should be made on your own and not copied from other sources.It’s recommended to write an abstract only after a careful study of the problem and taking into account the current state of the tobacco campaign.Such an approach will reduce a credibility of a referent and the content of a research paper about smoking.Thus, sources should be reliable and not bear subjective unconfirmed conclusions.The good news is that the beneficial effects of smoking bans appear to be fairly immediate, with declines in reported heart attack cases within 3 months.The impact of bans was strengthened if compliance was good, if baseline smoking prevalence was low and if air quality was good.So, how to write a good negative effects of smoking cigarettes essay?There are differences in the purposes of an abstract.Modernity, relevance, scientific and factual authenticity, integrity of a cause and effect essay on smoking will make your work qualitative and useful.It’s better to start a persuasive essay about smoking with a statistical information.


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