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You MUST revise everything - because the exam board could choose any question, however, it does make sense to spend more time on those topics which have not appeared for a while.Exam Tip: With these particular questions there is a sizeable risk that people don’t understand the difference between the questions, and then write about the wrong thing.But in fact some Schizophrenics are successfully treated whereas others are not.

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For example, schizophrenia and depression are often found together.

This makes it more difficult to confidently diagnose schizophrenia.

Note: you may come across the terms DSM-IV and ICD-10.

These refer to the latest editions of the two classification systems.

This raises practical and ethical issues when selecting different types of tretment.

Problems of validity: Are we really testing what we think we are testing?Scheff (1966) points out that diagnosis classification labels the individual, and this can have many adverse effects, such as a self-fulfilling prophecy (patients may begin to act how they are expected to act), and lower self-esteem.Ethics – do the benefits of classification (care, treatment, safety) outweigh the costs (possible misdiagnosis, mistreatment, loss of rights and responsibility, prejudice due to labelling).Words may become confused and sentences incoherent (so called ‘word salad).Broadcasting is a thought disorder whereby a person believes their thoughts are being broadcast to others, for example over the radio or through TV. Slater & Roth (1969) say that hallucinations are the least important of all the symptoms, as they are not exclusive to schizophrenic people.Comorbidity occurs because the symptoms of different disorders overlap.For example, major depression and schizophrenia both involve very low levels of motivation. Does the low motivation reflect depression or schizophrenia, or both?Catatonia- staying in position for hours/days on end, cut off from the world.• Thought disorder in which there are breaks in the train of thought and the person appears to make illogical jumps from one topic to another (loose association).Alogia - aka speech poverty – is a thought disorder were correct words are used but with little meaning. desire): in which a person becomes totally apathetic and sits around waiting for things to happen. Classification and diagnosis does have advantages as it allows doctors to communicate more effectively about a patient and use similar terminology when discussing them.In addition, they can then predict the outcome of the disorder and suggest related treatment to help the patient.


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