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Oedipus asks Creon did the King refer to him, and the answer was no, at least not in the presence of Creon.In line 570, Oedipus asks Creon if he inquired into the murder, and Creon says of course because it had to be investigated, but nothing was ever found.

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Oedipus goes on to mock the investigation by saying the “skilled” did not reveal anything, and Creon replies in line 574 saying “ I never talk when I am ignorant.” This causes Oedipus to Grady the people suffering from the plague, but Oedipus’ hubris shows once again when he said " It was God that aided you, men say, and you are held with God's assistance to have saved our lives" It is this comment which completely ignores the priest’s requests and belittles the power of the gods.

The priest then refers to Oedipus’ power when he solved the riddle of the Sphinx’s, but Oedipus’ pride shows once more when he says he solved the riddle with his wit alone.

This shows that Oedipus cannot find the truth within himself, and he cannot even find the truth by simply listening to his own counsel.

In spite of the accusations from Tiresias, Oedipus is still seeking the truth, which is his second flaw as a tragic hero.

When Tiresias reveals that Oedipus is the murderer, Oedipus quickly changes his mind about the prophet.

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In lines 359-360, Oedipus says “Aren’t you appalled to let a charge like that come bounding forth? ” Oedipus’ anger and frustration even causes him to accuse both Tiresias and Creon of conspiracy.

Indeed, for him, there is no way of escaping his fate.

The focus on fate reveals another aspect of a tragedy as outlined by Aristotle: dramatic irony. The audience knows the outcome of the story already, but the hero does not, making his actions seem painfully ignorant in the face of what is to come.

And Oedipus is far from perfect; although a clever man, he is blind to the truth and stubbornly refuses to believe Teiresias's warnings.

Although he is a good father, he unwittingly fathered children in incest.


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