Obama'S Princeton Thesis

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There are several pages of monologue that appear to have a superficial relevance, and some of these pages show references in footnotes.

In conclusion, Michelle said that people feel most comfortable with the people that they spend the most time around.

It is titled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.” You can find the PDF copy of the entire thesis here.

It appears to be a study about the changing attitudes of the Blacks who had previously graduated from Princeton University.

“At Princeton, it seemed the only thing I needed to be vigilant about was my studies.

Everything otherwise was designed to accommodate our well-being as students,” she wrote.“The dining halls served five different kinds of breakfast.There were enormous spreading oak trees to sit under and open lawns where we could throw Frisbees to relieve our stress."But even today, with white students continuing to outnumber students of color on college campuses, the burden of assimilation is put largely on the shoulders of minority students.In my experience, it’s a lot to ask.” Obama graduated in the top 10 percent of her high school class and participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including serving as class treasurer, that made her a good candidate for top universities."It was impossible to be a black kid at a mostly white school and not feel the shadow of affirmative action. " During her freshman year, Obama lived in a triple in Pyne Hall with two white students, whom she remembered as nice for the most part, although she didn't spend much time hanging out in their room.You could almost read the scrutiny in the gaze of certain students and even some professors, as if they wanted to say, 'I know why you’re here.' These moments could be demoralizing, even if I’m sure I was just imagining some of it," she wrote. Midway through the year, one of her roommates, Cathy, moved into a single, and Obama discovered many years later that "her mother, a schoolteacher from New Orleans, had been so appalled that her daughter had been assigned a black roommate that she'd badgered the university to separate us." Other parts of her life at Princeton came out during the campaigns, including her senior thesis, a survey of African American alumni about their perceptions of race and identity after having attended Princeton.Presto, Michelle has fulfilled the Affirmative Action requirements for Blacks getting a bachelor’s degree.You might be tempted to regard the conclusion as being irrelevant to the thesis it purports to arise from. It may be relevant in the sense that Michelle is trying to figure out how it is that educated Blacks often become Uncle Toms, “fogittin dey roots,” and how this might be prevented.Obama wrote that right-wing media used the thesis to paint a picture of her as a radical determined to "overthrow the white majority" and to further alienate her and her husband in the eyes of American electorate."For reasons I’ll never understand, the conservative media was treating my paper as if it were some secret black-power manifesto, a threat that had to be unburied.


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