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Nursing law serves a number of functions: establishes which nursing actions in the care of patient are legal, separates nurses responsibilities from those of other health professional, maintains a standard of nursing practice by ensuring nurses are accountable under the law and it assists in establishing the boundaries of independent nursing action.

Nurses are bound by the nursing practice act that stipulates rules and regulations which are determined by the legislature.We understand nursing is a technical course to specialize in and to come up on top with its coursework, essays or assignments is extremely difficult.Usually, medical students cannot manage the time, which is required to write a good nursing paper or they may lack an expertise.Legal aspects of nursing that are associated with helping and caring for people in the health care industry have become an important prerequisite to be aware of.Cases of negligence are on the rise and this result to less people wanting to get into the health care industry with fear of legal aspects and inevitable law suits.During their daily shifts nurses must be very cautious in recording, documenting and reporting their routines and decisions in order to make sure they are on track with their patients.Making the right decisions as well as maintaining and organizing medical reports is a proper way of ensuring that a patient is taken good care of.Legal aspects need to be applied by nurses in their roles and ensure that necessary care is present in maintaining the health and safety of patients.In conclusion, nursing students and nurses should be aware of their legal responsibility and that is to do no patient intentional harm since a nurse is responsible for a patient’s care.A nurse should be competent in practice and be aware that any negligent act in the line of profession may become a malpractice law suit.Time is the essence for students enrolled in technical degree programs like nursing and writing an essay on nursing topics is to risk yourself if you have bad writing skills.


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