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You may find this type of research to be more fun at first but always remember that this is an academic paper that will take as much time as your common research paper or even more.

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(3) Read the article carefully, and jot down the main points of interest.

(4) Also jot down questions the article leaves with you; they are directions to investigate. (6) Keep a record of the process you use: your questions, your search terms, what you discover in the first article you find, what you discover in the second article you find, and so forth.

Wallace ends her article with advice to parents of teens: stay involved with them and keep in touch!

While I learned new things about brain science while reading this article, it also left me wondering if these new findings contain any messages for educators, specifically for teachers of academic writing (like me).

The pruning of dendrites starts at about age 12, and as the connections are thinned out, the surviving ones become more efficient.

Their coating or insulation gets thicker, establishing fewer but faster pathways.

The major implication for teachers, then, is the necessity of tying new knowledge to whatever a student already knows.

Reading Craigs article gave me a good review of a few of the basics of neuroscience, but I wanted to know more about learning capabilities, especially in the adult brain.

First, Craig explains that [i]n the past decade, new brain-imaging techniques have allowed us to observe the brain while it is learning, but the job of applying these findings to education has just begun.

Second, she gives a quick overview of how the brain acquires new knowledge.


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