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To access actual dissertations, use Interlibrary Loan.NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations) Supports "electronic publishing and open access to scholarship in order to enhance the sharing of knowledge worldwide." Search tool for finding electronic theses and dissertations available through universities around the world.

, Scott Davis Barrentine PDF Can a Three-Day Training Focusing on the Nature of Science and Science Practices as They Relate to Mind in the Making Make a Difference in Preschool Teachers' Self-Efficacy Engaging in Science Education?

, Colleen Meacham PDF A Pilot Study on Methods to Introduce Teachers to New Science Standards, Noelle Frances Garcia Niedo PDF Using the Task Analysis Process with Teachers to Uncover Language Demands within an Eight-Week NGSS Summer Course, Leah Plack PDF How Does a Next Generation Science Standard Aligned, Inquiry Based, Science Unit Impact Student Achievement of Science Practices and Student Science Efficacy in an Elementary Classroom?

Occasionally, a senior honors paper may also be deposited in the library and will be included in these lists.

Some departments accept a master's paper as part of the requirement for a degree.

Use the "Browse Search" option in [email protected] to see shelf lists of a particular discipline.

Note that some call number ranges contain multiple topics.

Search the Library's Online Catalog with terms from your topic and add the phrase "Temple University theses" to the search.

Examples: "Temple University theses" music / "Temple University theses" dance Note: a search using the phrase "temple university theses" will find both Masters theses and Ph D dissertations.

Theses and dissertations done at UWM, and in the libraries' collection, are classified by a department (given a base call number) and then arranged, generally, by the author's last name.

While theses and dissertations are currently required by the Graduate School to be deposited in the library, there are potentially titles, particularly from earlier years, that are not owned by the library, or the copy is no longer available; lack of a thesis/dissertation in the library does not mean the person did not complete a degree.


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