Moving To A New Country Essay

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I’ve gone places where English isn’t spoken and where I’m looked at like an alien; I’ve eaten food I’ve never heard of and smelled smells I never imagined could exist.

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You tick off your bucket list one by one, and you head back home with anecdotes from the museums you went to and the street food you tried.

Being a tourist and living are vastly different, and the value of living abroad is too often overlooked. Some people I’d told imagined it was all beaches and tequila, hot weather and sombreros, while few others expressed a more violent imagination of what it would be like. The perceptions most people had of what it was like to live there were very wrong. From my comfortable Toronto apartment I moved to Chihuahua, a desert city of a million in the north of Mexico.

Studies have determined that communication is based 55% on non-verbal acts such as facial expressions, gestures, etc. For example, former President Clinton made the mistake of making the okay sign in Brazil (a circle with the thumb and fore finger) which is a profanity in their culture.

A big faux pas that could have been easily avoided!

It’s a sort of ignorance that’s understandable, but it’s one that they’ve chosen not to correct. Actually living in another country reminds you how incredible life is.

Though you get used to a new routine and enjoy a new comfort, something about it gives you an appreciation for everything — things that you wouldn’t usually notice or pay attention to.

You’re forced to face problems head on — and to come up with solutions quickly and easily. You get to experience both sides — the things that you admire and the things that make you wish it were more like “back at home”.

It makes you understand more about your own culture and what exactly it is about your culture that makes it part of who you are. I’ve planned trips to see the world’s wonders and I’ve thumbed my way through Lonely Planet guides to get around.

These resources can give you good insight on the way of life in that country. There is a saying that goes, "Speaking someone's native language is the quickest way to their heart." And even if you make some mistakes, they'll admire you for trying.

Next, become familiar with the language spoken there and be aware of the familiar vs. Beware of hand gestures and get a feel for social customs.


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